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What is the Difference Between a Health Insurance Agent and a Navigator?

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“I wish I would have contacted you sooner!” We hear this statement often at our office. Many clients think you have to pay extra to work with an agent when choosing between Medicare insurance plans. This is simply not true. Let me explain. Health insurance agents are licensed through the State. We represent multiple insurance […]


Can I Deduct My Health Insurance Premium?

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Some individual taxpayers are able to claim an itemized deduction for their qualified medical expenses, including medical insurance plans premiums. In order to qualify, the qualified expenses must surpass 10% of an individual’s yearly-adjusted gross income. This percentage lowers to 7.5% if you or your spouse reached the age of 65 or older as of […]


4 Dates You Need to Know

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Is November 15th, 2014 marked on your calendar? If not, it should be.  This is the first day that you are able to begin enrolling and shopping for marketplace plans. Anyone that requires health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, regardless if you already have coverage, or are looking for a new plan, will need […]