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How Medicare Works

The Federal Health Insurance Program known as Medicare started in 1965. Medicare Insurance is split into two parts:

  • Part A (which includes expenses related to Hospital visits, etc).
  • Part B (which includes other medical expenses related to Doctor visits, etc).

An individual is automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A when they:

  • Turn 65, (this happens on the first of the month they turn 65, not on the birthday itself).
  • Are under age 65 and have received disability benefits from Social Security for 2 years
  • Are under age 65 and have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or permanent kidney failure.

Claim Number is circled on Medicare card

An individual is eligible to enroll in Medicare Part B after:

  • They enroll in Medicare Part A.
  • They (or their spouse) retire and they are no longer covered by health insurance through their employer.

Important Medicare enrollment dates:

Information about Medicare Insurance premiums:

  • Medicare Part A doesn't have any premiums.
  • $105 is the average monthly premium in 2015 for Medicare Part B. For some of those enrolled however, they will be required to pay a monthly premium that's been adjusted to reflect their income.

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FHK offers a large selection of Medicare Advantage Plans that can be customized to satisfy the needs of our clients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Nevada.

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