Medicare Solutions

Medicare Advantage

Also known as ‘Part C’ of Medicare. For most individuals that are new and old to Medicare, this can be the most efficient way to receive your benefits: administered by a private insurance company and funded by Medicare. These plans offer lower premiums, extra benefits and much more.

Medicare Supplement

Also referred to as ‘Medi-gap,’ traditional Medicare supplements have been available since the inception of Medicare and are they rich in benefits. With this plan, Medicare is the primary biller and the supplement is the secondary biller who fills in the gaps. These plans offer the deepest network of doctors nationwide.

Part D

Part D of Medicare plans come in many different shapes and sizes depending mostly on which medications you take. Generally, Medicare Advantage has Part D included versus a Medicare Supplement, where a prescription drug plan would be added to cover medications you would receive at a pharmacy.

Medicare FAQ’s

We have been handling Medicare insurance for a long time and have spoken to thousands of individuals about Medicare. We understand you may have some questions, so take a look at the frequently-asked-questions we have collected over the years for an immediate answer.